Signed Up

Last week we submitted our application form. Thursday morning we were confirmed as entrants in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Having refreshed the 2020 Race Entrants page over and over - there's our photo. There's no backing out now.

After Kev let me know the application had been submitted a little flutter of hesitation hit me. All the reasons I'd heard not to do this: are you mad, what about ..., how will you pay for it?! These thoughts quickly faded. There will always be reasons to back out. This is an adventure that deserves persistence. I can't imagine not rowing it now.

The signup reminded me of the "armchair sailor". A nearly infinite number of passages have been taken by boat owners from the comfort of their couch. I've taken my fair share. This feels very different. The departure point of the race isn't San Sebastian on La Gomera. The departure point for us was Kev's laptop in his office on the 21st of January 2019.

The waypoints to La Gomera are still unclear. There's a boat to find and sponsors to get on board. Like all great journeys, the first couple of miles will be filled with uncertainty and fear. Still, there's a destination in mind and I'm sure we'll find our way.